We are excited to announce that RABBIT IN THE SNARE will be released on vinyl! We weren't sure it was going to happen (at least not right away), but we found a manufacturer that had some relatively short lead times. We're very grateful they were able to accommodate our timeline.  

For the album art, I decided to do something special for the vinyl version. It has not 1... not 2... but 3 album covers... sort of. I kept both sides of the jacket free from any text or logos to give it the vibe that either side could be the cover... AND the insert inside has the official cover. That might be confusing. It's easier to show than explain. ~aaron

This first pressing will be 500 copies on 180gram black vinyl. Stay tuned for preorder info!




For those of you who have been aware of our project for the last 7 years, you know we've released very little music since we began. We actually only officially released 4 songs in 7 years, only 1 of which (a holiday song) was ever widely available on retail/streaming services.

What were we doing that whole time? Working on other music, making films, living life... While these other endeavors continually pushed The Lulls record onto the back-burner, we never lost our enthusiasm for making music together.

So the record took 7 years to make. Does that make it 7 times better than it would have been if we only spent 1 year. No. Not even close. In fact, the excessive time we spent, probably hurt more than it helped, but we're excited to finally have something finished. We've wanted to see these songs released. We've wanted to move on to new songs, but having these songs unfinished and unreleased for SO LONG was keeping us from pushing forward. 

So we have a new site to match the new record. We have more music videos in the works as well.

Here is the official album cover for the album (which we have titled RABBIT IN THE SNARE).

Here is the official album cover. The record is called RABBIT IN THE SNARE. It's coming out May 22, 2017.

Thanks to those who paid attention through the years!