A Loft Recording Studio Concept by producer Aaron Marsh

Central Florida welcomes a revolutionary addition to its creative landscape: OMNIPOP, a music studio founded by Aaron Marsh, the indie rock luminary and the voice behind Copeland. In a blossoming historic district, OMNIPOP redefines the recording experience.

What makes OMNIPOP truly exceptional is its open floor plan within a stunning loft space, a departure from the conventional isolated recording booths. Here, musicians, producers, and collaborators work together in one space, crafting a unique atmosphere that fosters collaboration, communication, and the creation of cherished memories.

The studio's aesthetic marries the elegance of a vintage loft, exposed brick, cracked plaster, and wood beams, with cutting-edge recording equipment, and thoughtful acoustic design, ensuring the highest quality audio production. A diverse collection of unique instruments further enriches the sonic palette, sparking creativity and originality.

OMNIPOP Studio is more than a recording space; it's a haven for artists seeking an environment where the emphasis is not only on music but also on the human connections and shared experiences that fuel the creative process. In the heart of Bartow, OMNIPOP is a testament to Aaron Marsh's vision, offering musicians a place where history meets innovation, and where unforgettable music is made. Welcome to a new era of recording at OMNIPOP.